True Refrigeration

T-72FAbout the Company

Since the company’s inception in 1945, True Refrigeration parts has grown to claim more than sixty percent of

the commercial refrigeration market. The company has developed a long line of underbar refrigeration

systems along with sandwich/salad prep tables, commercial refrigerators, reach-in commercial

refrigerators, refrigerated merchandisers, and some other products that have helped keep the company

at the top. From foamed-in-place insulation and super-efficient cooling systems to new milk coolers that

circulate heat, True  company continues to lead the way when it comes to commercial refrigeration.

That is why it is consistently ranked “Best in Class” among the commercial refrigerator companies.

True Refrigerators

Choosing to purchase a commercial refrigerator from this company may be easy, but choosing among

the company’s extensive collection of high-quality, dependable commercial refrigerators may not be.

The choices can be overwhelming. True Under counter Refrigerators provide opportunities for cold

storage that is both convenient for those working in a commercial kitchen and economical with your

space. As the name suggests, these commercial refrigerators fit conveniently under standard counters.

The True refrigerators category also includes units that bring both refrigerated storage and their

countertops. These stainless steel units offer a roughly thirty-inch worktop, complete with a one-piece

backsplash. True manufacturing horizontal freezers are distinctly designed to offer you the perfect way to

promote frozen products and novelties in retail areas. With Low-E sliding glass doors on the top of each

unit, they give the opportunity to tempt customers into that impulse of buying frozen treats that yield

high profits. True air curtain merchandisers are built without doors to allow for a large, open front for

easy access to the products that are displayed. These units also attract attention because of their

exceptional design. The air curtain merchandisers are available in horizontal and vertical models that

offer the perfect fit for any grocery store.

Exceptional Featurestrue

The True freezers evaporator fan motor typically lasts 15-20 years, as compared to the three-year

average life expectancy of some comparable commercial refrigerator fans. The company achieves that

by using oversized low-velocity fan motors and cast iron components and sealing the works in an oil-

filled casing. The large fan blades cause faster temperature pull down times, shorter run times, and

lower energy costs, which extend the lifespan of the unit and reduce replacement costs. The

compressors that are used are over-sized, which makes them more efficient at maintaining a constant

temperature inside the cabinet, which further shortens pull down times. The environmentally-friendly

refrigeration system results in lower energy consumption, which equals savings for your business.

True Manufacturing products are highly energy efficient, exceeding standards set forth by the industry.

Its high standard of energy efficiency provides customers with increased food safety, lower utility bills, a

longer life span for each commercial refrigerator, and reduced maintenance costs. The company is so

confident in the products it manufactures that it provides a three-year warranty that covers labor and

parts for any manufacturing defects found in that time. If the product malfunctions, replacement or

repair will be easy and quick. It also maintains the industry’s most wide-ranging inventory of parts, all of

them ready to be shipped when you need them. More commercial kitchens trust True coolers than

any other manufacturer, proving that these American-made commercial refrigerators have been tested

for generations in real-world conditions.

True Manufacturing is the one and only commercial refrigeration manufacturer that produces its

shelves. It builds them with heavy-duty steel that is soaked in an acid bath to remove any impurities and

covered by PVC to help prevent peeling or chipping that can lead to corrosion. PVC offers a more

durable top layer than the epoxy paint coating. Each shelf can hold up to 250 pounds. The extraordinary

strength of True commercial refrigerators comes to a great measure from the industry-exclusive

foaming process that the company uses. All of the cabinets are insulated from top to bottom, which

provides additional strength. The heavy-duty frames are built to resist constant usage without rusting or

corroding. An automated system fixes the skeleton of each model. Then, it moves through a powder

coat process that gives corrosion protection for the entire frame.

The company stocks the industry’s biggest inventory of parts in its Missouri manufacturing facilities. Out

of 78,000 replacement parts that may be needed for its long list of models, the company keeps more

than 60,000 on hand regularly. This large inventory allows True  manufacturing to provide quick service to

its customers.

Furthermore, the insulating ability of the foam used by True fridge surpasses that of other

commercial refrigerator lines. Eco-mate polyurethane cell insulation is a very high-density material and

offers an R-value (the measure of insulating ability) much higher than the industry standard. This means

you get lessened utility costs and unsurpassed strength in your True commercial refrigerator. True uses

only top-grade metals in the production of its commercial freezers and refrigerators. The exteriors of its

cabinets are also entirely constructed from the highest-grade steel. On the interior of their units, NSF-

certified white anodized aluminum liners keep food safe while providing a durable box that will not rust.

These materials are not just durable, buy they are also easy to clean, which helps you maintain the cold

sanitary storage for your food.

True  mfg offers hundreds of accessories and options that enable you to make your commercial

refrigeration excellent for your location. From sliding doors for the True T-49 reach-in refrigerator to the

teak laminate exteriors on the TCGR series of curved glass display cases, the company provides you what

you need to get the most out of your commercial refrigeration. That means you can get a commercial

refrigerator that does specifically what you need it to do. The company employs a large crew of

extensively trained, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional salespeople to support its customers.

Each customer can expect to speak to a live representative who will willingly assist them with their

individual account. The company’s technical support team includes highly skilled experts with many

years of experience.