True T-49 Refrigerator Review

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t-49True has a record of producing some of the top quality products for your daily use. It is a

company which thrives in achieving excellence with each of its products. That is what it has

done with its traditional True T-49 fridge.

This True T-49 fridge comes with a mounted condensing device at its base. That makes way for

easy cleaning access and also makes sure that the base shelf is at knee height. The design is well

thought out just to ensure that you do not hurt yourself while picking up items. The design is

also very alluring to the eyes and incorporates a large evaporator coil and also a condenser coil.

Its efficient compressor ensures that the unit cools down easily and also temperature remains

constant at all times. It also ensures that energy consumption is less, and your bills are not

heavy for your pockets. The unit is very popular in the present market. Many restaurant owners

are using this True T-49 fridge. It ensures quality as well as durability.

true t-49

Features and specifications:

• The fridge has a self-lubricating fan, which makes sure that constant air flow is

circulated. This also makes the fridge stabilize even during extremely hot days.

• The unit has PVC coated wire shelves. They are alterable and is mainly constructed for

extensive usage.

• The unit is rust and corrosion protected owing to enamel paint which covers the frame


• The cabinets and the doors are well insulated due to its CFC devoid insulation.

• Its superb door lock enables the fridge to be secured after its usage.

• The incandescent lights indicate the inner portion of this refrigerator.

• Also, its exterior temperature reading allows you to check the temperatures inside and

if needed make changes to it.

• The unit incorporates a 300 series stainless steel exterior surface

• It also has 4-inch swivel casters which make it easy for you to move the fridge to any

part of the restaurant or house you want to.

• The temperature range for this unit is between 33 degrees to 38 degrees F.

• The unit also has an epoxy coated evaporator which prevents rust and corrosion from

taking place.

• The dimension of the True T-49 fridge is 29.5 x54.2 x 78.4 inches

• It weighs about 430 pounds

• The length of the cord is about 9 feet

• Voltage reading is 115/60/1

• Amp reading is 9.1

• NEMA configuration reading is 5.15 P

• Manufacturers- True.


 The unit is very durable

 It is extremely portable owing to its swivel mechanisms

 You get a 3 year warranty on all its true refrigeration parts as well as its labor costs

 You also get 2 years of warranty on its compressor.

 It cools very efficiently

 It does not get damaged by rust or corrosion.

 It has an eye pleasing look.


× The price is a bit high

× Some have said that moving the fridge was somewhat difficult as the swivel castors

were not as smooth as expected.

Final verdict:

The True T-49 fridge is one heck of a unit to cater to. You will get plenty of benefits once to

tend to it. The cooling system is great; the design is eye pleasing. Plus the best thing is that it

allows you to read the inner temperature enabling you to make some necessary changes if

needed. It is also energy efficient and can last for a fair amount of time. The unit will prove to

be true value for money and hence is a must buy.

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